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Jielynn Diroy
3 min readFeb 16, 2020


There comes a day where you are just tired of everything especially at work. Everyone has that kind of day, don’t worry. Although, there are differences — motivation of every person differs from each other but the factors are almost the same. And the number 1 in this list is the feeling of being appreciated.

Appreciate me!

It does feel good knowing that your hard work and skills for the company matter. It feels good that no matter how tired you are, you still push through the day and weeks because you know that in the end of the day, what you do plays a big part in your industry… that you matter.

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And having that to drive you more… you become more productive. You do things more than what you can. There is an urge that you want to be better in what you do. A magical string that pulls you and helps you get up and inspire more people.

Imagine appreciating yourself…

Yes, it’s hard. It’s hard especially when you feel unappreciated. I once spent a year, doing everything for other people and appreciating them — but not once did I felt they appreciated all my efforts back. It was devastating and tiring. I gave up. I quit from everything, threw out friendships and finally had my own time.

During this own time, I realized, there is just one thing that you need to do before you appreciate others. Appreciate yourself. When you go to the gym, pat yourself a good job for finally doing what you’ve said about 5 years back. When you have a job done, even the simplest and easiest one, pat yourself, and tell yourself, “Good job, you!”

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Once you appreciate yourself, everything will follow. Next thing you know, you are turning the last page of the book you bought 2 months ago. You will be more lively, positive and more appreciative of small things.

Now, imagine appreciating other people…

Once you learn to appreciate yourself, it will be easy for you to start appreciating other people, works, gestures, everything. There is this doing called, “Pass it on.” It is passing a good deed to someone and they will pass it on to someone else and on… and on… It’s a domino effect of something good.

And with these small steps who knows what good it can lead to.

If you are a lead in a team, appreciate even the smallest achievements of your team. You know the feeling of being acknowledged and appreciated, pass it on!

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Be a friend who appreciates small gestures, time and effort given to you. Be a family member that no matter what happens, you’re always there to appreciate what your family have done to help you be right where you are.

The good world that you dream of, starts with you. You just gotta pass it on.



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