Amidst the Chaos

Jielynn Diroy
3 min readMay 13, 2020


It’s been 5 months!

Since the coronavirus invaded the human kind and around 2 months since we have been locked down at home. Events were postponed. All plans were cancelled. No travels, no eating at your favorite restaurant.

Yes, it sucks. But no, it doesn’t,

if we look into opportunities of the situation rather into its threats and negative impacts. (Scientists are doing their best to create a cure, don’t worry)

In the era of digitalization today, there are a lot of opportunities in front of us. This is the best time to start something you haven’t started because you don’t have the time… well, now you have!

This is the best time to improve yourself!

Be curious. Start a project. Learn online. Share your expertise online. This is why we came up to start a webinar series to help everyone learn and share new things at the comfort in their homes. At the comfort of your home.

Hosting an event online has been the easiest event we did, since it doesn’t require logistics, sponsors, partnerships, big budget, venue, and more. It cuts out the “nice to haves” and makes us focus more on the “must haves” of an event, and that‘s having great and effective topics.

We knocked 2,210 internet doors!

Source: YouTube Studio Analytics (statistics as of this writing)
Source: YouTube Studio Analytics (statistics as of this writing)

…not only did we reach people from Manila, we reached the whole Philippines and globally!

46.7% of the streamers are from outside the Philippines

And this is just the start.

We are opening our webinar sessions to anyone, from any part of the world, from technical to non-technical topics! This is the era that makes almost everything possible wherever you are — and we want to continue to be a leader into making learning and sharing in the community, limitless!

We see potentials

in our speakers, attendees, volunteers, and connections. Everyone has a potential. Some just need a little push to breakthrough it, and that’s why Women Techmakers Manila is formed.

Women Techmakers Manila is a sub-community of Google Developer Group (GDG) Philippines that provides a platform that promotes diversity while showcasing women’s talents and knowledge… we also want to help you boost your confidence through our different soft skills and #IamRemarkable sessions!

Want to share something?


Our webinar sessions are open to public and no registration required. You can check it on our YouTube Channel: Women Techmakers Manila.

Be updated.

Session topics and schedules are posted and announced on our Facebook Page.

Let’s continue reaching more people, sharing more knowledge, and learn from each other. The world is a better world, when we help each other.

Stay safe and wash your hands.



Jielynn Diroy

A Project Manager who is fond of sharing experiences, stories and learnings to the world. I do believe that everyday, we learn something new.